The Final Countdown!

December 5, Week 37:  Only 3 more weeks and I will have my birthday.  I’m filling out now–absorbing about a gallon of amniotic fluid each day.  My cheeks have fat and muscle in them.  I’m a little plump.  I weigh 6 pounds and am 20 inches tall.  I’m ready for a picture, Mom.

December 11, Week 38: Mom, better pack those bags.  Although, I think I will be born right on time.  I’ve stepped up practicing my breathing.  My lungs are just about ready.  It’s only a matter of a few days, and they’ll be fine.  And, Mom, don’t forget the camera.

December 19, Week 39:  It’s really crowded in here and it’s very hard for me to move.  Even the umbilical cord is 20 inches long and about 1/2 inch thick.  However, I’m moving down, Mom.  I am so ready!  I bet you are, too.  I know you must be tired of going to the bathroom every two minutes.


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