The Abortion ‘Pill’: Far From ‘Simple’

The Abortion ‘Pill’: Far From ‘Simple’.


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  1. Richard and Rhonda White
    863-427-0303 6029 Cypress Gardens Blvd.
    PMB 201
    Winter Haven, FL 33884 “Confronting Abortion Distortions”

    Press Release
    “Confronting Abortion Distortions” By Richard and Rhonda White

    The first comprehensive, documented compilation of information regarding the abortion experience in America from 1973 to the present

    Winter Haven, Florida, August 4, 2013: In “Confronting Abortion Distortions”, authors Richard and Rhonda White go beyond the standard rhetoric of the hot-button issue of abortion. More than mere opinion, they give informative, easy-to-understand explanations of medical procedures, scientific studies and research, as well as detailed breakdowns of the legalities surround the process and the industry. They also sort through topics such as abortion recovery, abortion healing, abortion history and general opinion and misconceptions about abortion in America.
    In this book, the reader will discover when unborn babies begin to feel pain and to what degree; as well as why today’s neonatal surgeons always use analgesics during surgery on premature babies 20 weeks and older. Also, how many thousands of babies have survived abortions over the past 40 years; as well as how many babies have been aborted alive each year, only to be allowed to die, or killed by abortionists and their staff. The tragic history of hundreds and possibly thousands of women who have died from botched legal abortions and girls and women who are coerced into having abortions is also documented, as well as many other aspects of the issue of abortion.
    While many books in this genre rely heavily on pure emotion, the authors have taken great care to rely on factual information. The book is heavily laden with research. As such, this book is completely suitable for seasoned believers or for those who may not be Christian or Jewish at all.
    Available now at and Xulon Press.

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