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Georgia Leading the Fight for Personhood


THOMASVILLE — Georgia is a good place to live — especially for fetuses.

A recent poll suggested that 57 percent of likely Georgia voters want Roe v. Wade overturned. Roe v. Wade is the controversial 1973 Supreme Court ruling that established that most laws against abortion violated a constitutional right to privacy under the liberty clause of the Fourteenth Amendment, thus overturning all state and federal laws outlawing or restricting abortion that were inconsistent with the decision.

There have been more than 52 million legal abortions in the United States since Roe v. Wade became the law of the land.

read more here…http://timesenterprise.com/x947032027/A-place-to-live



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GA GOP Convention – May 2011

We were extremely blessed to be able to take our GRTL Personhood message to the state (GA) GOP convention on Saturday. It was well received considering that the panel to my left contained very graphic images of the genocide that follows when government refuses to “recognize” the “personhood” of ALL human life from the earliest biological beginning until natural death.

GA Right to Life….Suzanne Ward and Daniel Becker.

Photos by Stella Lohmann. Copyright 2011 GA State GOP Convention Album. Not for private use without permission. Thank you.

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This Year Like Last Year

We have asked House Rep. Bill Hembree to kill SB 177, the Georgia House’s fake prolife bill.  Please call him at his District Office at 770-942-1656 or his Capitol House office at 404-656-6801 and give him that message politely but firmly.

A little history is in order.  This year, like last year, Speaker Ralston has pulled a last minute move to pass fake prolife legislation in order to say that he has “done something.” Last year, on the final 3 days and ultimately on the last day, the Speaker tried to pass a version of SB 529 that no committee had ever seen.  The Speaker’s version had never been discussed in any kind of hearing. It didn’t matter that the original bill (SB 529) that the Rules Committee saw, had been vetted by a number of different Judiciary committees and approved by 100% of the Senate in a 2-3 hour floor debate. No, Speaker Ralston and his attorney, Bill Reilly came up with their own version of the bill to try and save the day! In the end, GRTL was accused of being unwilling to negotiate and work within the process; however, GRTL had been negotiating with and working with legislative committees and the senate for months in producing a legitimate prolife bill.

Now the Speaker is again crying that we don’t have time to properly vet any other prolife legislation but his. In an interview with the AJC  (http://www.ajc.com/news/georgia-politics-elections/legislatures-agenda-packed-in-887707.html) he says that SB 210 has not been vetted properly, therefore, he will not have time to have a hearing for it. He fails to mention the fact that SB 210 IS the Private Right of Action part of SB 529 that was vetted to “death” – all the way to the 40th day last year!!

So, here we go again, to the last 4 days of the session and we find ourselves with a substituted, fake prolife bill (SB 177) for opting out of Obama Care.  This “opt-out” bill now will be offered to the House and sent to the Senate as the only pro-life legislation this year.

But that’s not all….there is more! Not only is this Obama Care opting-out legislation…it is opting out of abortion funding for all abortions except, life of the mother AND, now . . . rape and incest”! Last year one of the additions to SB 529 by the Speaker was to add “rape and incest” exceptions to the bill.  GRTL hasn’t supported “rape and incest” exceptions in years and never will.

My question is this. If prolife legislation is as important as the Speaker says then why doesn’t his version of the bill (SB 177) need to be vetted by the same committees that are required of GRTL? It seems improper to me to imply that a person can write a bill that doesn’t even have the need of being vetted before it is sent to the floor for debate and a vote. I would dare to say that this gives the impression that he is not interested in having his bill vetted and that this is why he waits until the last minute to bring it forward.

But that’s not all . . . there is more! As you know, Doe v Bolton gave us abortion on demand through all nine months of pregnancy—for ANY and for ALL reasons. The courts have defined a “life of the mother” exception to mean not just her physical health but also her mental and emotional health. The Speaker’s version of this Obama Care bill leaves the door wide-open for the court defined familial health exception. This means that, if passed AND if the poorly written language can withstand a court challenge, the end result is that NOT ONE child will be spared by this bill. All the mother has to do is claim that her emotional or mental health is impaired and she can get a late term abortion right up until the DAY BEFORE BIRTH! This is an outrage and a mockery of our prolife gains these last twelve years.

So a rabbit is being pulled out of the hat again at the last minute. And what we find is not really a rabbit but a RAT!  Prolife legislation that is really not prolife at all. Why don’t the other legislators see this? Some do, but most don’t! If you keep ignoring error you will eventually not notice it anymore. Some of those who do notice these facts are too afraid to speak up for fear that they will suffer political repercussions within the Republican caucus in general, but more specifically from Speaker Ralston.

The bottom line is that, in these last 2 years, Speaker Ralston, along with other House Leadership, are demonstrating that they are NOT principled prolife politicians, but, at best they are PrINO’s! Prolife In Name Only! And they must be exposed!

I am reminded of what Fredrick Douglas once said, “Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will. Find out just what any people will quietly submit to and you have found out the exact measure of injustice and wrong which will be imposed upon them, and these will continue till they are resisted with either words or blows, or both. The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they oppress.”

Now is the time for all prolife Georgians to get involved and to let the House Leadership know that you are tired of them playing political games with the lives of innocent babies! Their legislation does not pass the authenticity test.  We smell a rat – what about you?

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SB 210 Passes in Senate; Goes to House

Atlanta, GA. –  Georgia Right to Life celebrates the passage of SB 210 Wednesday from the Senate to the House for further consideration.  Entitled The Women’s Private Right of Action Bill, it provides a woman access to financial recovery for illegal abortions and improves compliance with existing abortion laws, among other things.  Authored by Senator Barry Loudermilk, (52), it is considered to be among the first of its kind in the nation.  Georgia Right to Life commends Senator Loudermilk and the Georgia Senate for its continued efforts to further the protection of the citizens of Georgia.

There has been a lot of controversy over the failure of abortion clinics to faithfully carry out existing abortion laws. The Women’s Right to Know Act and The Full Disclosure Ultrasound Act, enacted in 2005 and 2008,  granted women information regarding the abortion procedure and its risks, information regarding the development of the fetus and fetal pain, the probable age of the fetus, and an ultrasound exam among other things.  SB 210 does not restrict or even change existing Georgia laws.  It will, however, give abortion providers extra motivation to uphold the laws that the citizens of Georgia expect them to keep.  Dan Becker, President of Georgia Right to Life, said, “It is encouraging to know that a woman who has been harmed by an abortionist, who has acted in violation of the law, can now recover for the wrongful death of her child.”   The Women’s Private Right of Action Bill passed the Senate 36 – 16 after over 90 minutes of debate.

Georgia Right to Life looks forward to working with the House to help ensure the intent of The Women’s Private Right of Action Bill.


Do you want more information?  Email suzanneward@grtl.org

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Election Fights: The Pill, Abortion, & Religion?

Religious opposition to contraception such as “the pill” and abortion for any reason is a simmering issue as health reform rules for insurance coverage are set and the mid-term elections loom.

Read article here.

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Life Chain This Sunday, October 3, all over Georgia

The first Sunday in October, people all over Georgia line up in a Life Chain with signs in hand and prayers in their hearts.  The signs vary from “Choose Life” to “Adoption: The Loving Option.”  With so many young people facing the pressures to abort their unborn child, this human chain visibly supporting life makes a dramatic difference.  This event takes place in dozens of cities throughout Georgia and across the nation!
Plan to be part of a Life Chain near you!
For a list of Life Chains, see this website.

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Setting the Record Straight

LAWRENCEVILLE, Georgia, July 26 /Christian Newswire/ — Georgia Right to Life PAC (GRTL PAC) is proud to support Nathan Deal in his bid to become the next Governor of Georgia. He firmly opposes abortions except in cases where the life of the mother is at stake. Regarding his 1993 vote appropriating funds for fetal tissue research and Planned Parenthood, Mr. Deal stated, “a lot of us were not fully convinced of who Planned Parenthood was and what they were doing with their money,” according to AccessNorthGa.com in an article entitled, “Abortion Divides GA. GOP Gubernatorial Rivals (7/25/2010)”.

Over the years, Mr. Deal’s opposition to Planned Parenthood has increased. Mr. Deal says, “…it was a personal change of opinion. It was one that I had prayerful thought about for a very long period of time…” He had discussions with his “minister, friends who are religious advisors and friends with the pro-life community.”

Since 1997, Nathan Deal has had a strong pro-life record as evidenced by a rating of 90% and above from National Right to Life (NRLC) and, since 2001, he has received a rating of 100% from NRLC. Georgia Right to Life welcomes converts like Mr. Deal to the pro-life position just as it welcomed Zell Miller & Ronald Reagan.

Karen Handel says she does not support the mission of Planned Parenthood but as the Fulton County Commission Chair she approved over $1.2 million in funding for the organization over 2005, 2006 and 2007. During the March 16, 2005 meeting, the Fulton County Commission discussed five funding requests for various “services” provided to the county. They ranged from providing concrete, to monitoring storm drains, trash disposal and fence repair. There was sharp debate on the issue of trash disposal, but sadly Chair Handel had nothing to say regarding the $425,568 (one of three installments) of funding to Planned Parenthood which was item number two on the agenda. Item 2 elicited no debate.

She approved the contract that states, “Vendor [Planned Parenthood] is recognized nationally for providing excellent, culturally appropriate reproductive health services to women and teens.” As many pro-lifers know, “culturally appropriate reproductive health services” defined by Planned Parenthood includes abortion referrals and services.

hen her approval of the Planned Parenthood funding was discovered, she backpedaled by stating the Planned Parenthood clinics would have received the funding anyway because, according to KarenHandel.com, it was a “pass-through grant from Congress…” If that is the case, why not vote “no” to support pro-life principles?

The same $1.2 million dollars that Karen Handel used to fund Planned Parenthood could have been distributed to other Title X clinics across the state of Georgia that provide the same “reproductive health” services as Planned Parenthood, except these clinics neither provide nor profit from abortion services, according to toomanyaborted.com

Nathan Deal took responsibility for his vote 17 years ago, described his change of heart and has been a staunch supporter of the sanctity of life ever since.

“We need a true conservative as the Governor of Georgia who is willing to say “no” to the federal government, stand on principle and take responsibility,” states Nancy Stith, the Executive Director of the GRTL. “Nathan Deal has demonstrated that he is the candidate for Governor of Georgia who is able to do just that.”

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