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LIFE CHAIN: This Sunday

This Sunday marks the 24th annual National Life Chain in more than 1,800 locations throughout the United States.  Most Life Chains occur from 2 to 3 p.m.

(Need to find a location or a time in Georgia: See http://LifeChain.net)

National Life Chain is a silent witness of the Christian community standing in honor of 54 million babies whose lives have been lost to abortion.”  Everyone of all ages can participate in their local Life Chain.

Pro-life advocates will line the streets and sidewalks with signs like, “Abortion Kills Children”,” Pray to End Abortion” and “Abortion Hurts Women.” The National Life chain serves to remind people of all faiths that abortion destroys the lives of the unborn – and forever scars their mother.

More information can be found at http://NationalLifeChain.org.

Here in Georgia, there are stories that reflect the positive effect of the life chain.  The most memorable is what happened in Savannah about 10 years ago.

A young woman who drove past the Life Chain in Savannah saw the prayerful participants and their signs.  She decided not to have an abortion. Visiting with Life Chain coordinators last year, she said, “This is who I would have aborted ten years ago if you hadn’t been here.”

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We need some sowers!

Georgia Right to Life is surprisingly like the farmer in Jesus’ parable.  Like him, we sow seeds of truth—God’s truth about His gift of life.  In our case, it is His truth about the preciousness of physical life, while the parable is about eternal life.

Like the biblical farmer, we sow broadly, and our planting has similar results: Some seeds land on inhospitable ground and fail to grow to maturity.  But other seeds fall on good soil.  They grow well.  They multiply into an abundant harvest.

We at Georgia Right to Life sow the message of the sanctity of life.  We sow it in the fields of public opinion and in the fields of broken lives.  We scatter our seed far and wide and then we cultivate it…and we pray.

In the short-term, we enjoy a bountiful harvest.  A harvest of changed hearts and minds.  A harvest of saved unborn lives, saved one at a time.  A harvest of mothers spared damage and regret.  It is demanding work that must be done day after day, every day.  As we work, we put our trust in the Lord of the harvest.

Imagine holding in your hand, a single stalk of wheat.  In your hand is the fruit of the harvest.

“To be honest, when I found out I was pregnant, I Googled ‘abortion’ and your site popped up.  When I called the help-line, I was encouraged and realized that I was not alone.  This help-line played a big role in me deciding to keep my baby.  Thanks so much!”

Georgia Right to Life keeps planting the truth and cultivating it for the coming harvests.  The ultimate harvest we all want is justice—justice restored to all persons, born and unborn, in our state and in our country.

And you and I can already see many signs of that future harvest sprouting.  You can see more and more states, like Georgia, adopting Personhood as their pro-life message for the 21st Century.  You can see more and more young people getting involved as pro-life apologists through our Campus Outreach.  We trust you will see more and more abortion clinics closing and Planned Parenthoods going out of business as they lose state and federal tax dollars.  We trust you will see more and more politicians closing the loophole of rape and incest in abortion laws.

For the coming harvests, the seeds of God’s truth are available, but the truth is not enough.  The seeds of truth must be planted broadly, and the workers are few.  We must continue to get the seeds into the needy fields of individual lives and of culture.  So this is where you come in.

We need “seed” money to equip young people to winsomely advocate for Personhood on college campuses all over Georgia through our displays and our training.

We need “seed” money to develop and refine our websites so that we are the premier source of 21st Century pro-life educational and reference materials in Georgia.

We need “seed” money so that we can buy more billboard space to connect young women in unplanned pregnancies to the help they need.

We need “seed” money so that we will continue to be leaders in the Personhood movement that is starting to sweep the country.

Clearly, some of us are still going through tough times.  But it is precisely at times like these that we need to till and to plant.

I am praying earnestly that this letter will generate much needed seed money.  Can I count on your generous gift?  Can you send a check for $15?  Or, perhaps you could send $25, $50, or even $100.  I’m also praying that some of you may consider a tax-deductible gift of $500 or $1,000.

We are preparing the soil, and we are ready to plant.  Come, sow seeds with us.

Together for Life,

Daniel C. Becker

Please mark October 27th, 2011 on your calendar.  It is our annual REACH dinner at the Cobb Galleria.  Jennifer Lahl will be our speaker.  More information will be available soon.

 Visit our Virtual Holocaust Memorial Wall at www.personhood.net. The Personhood website is filled with valuable information on 21st Century life issues.

 Also, we have a secure server for your donations at Donations for GRTL. 


Remember:  If you would like to receive a tax deduction for your donation, please make your check out to GRTL Educational Trust Fund.

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A Chance to Live

Day 0, conception Day 20, a heartbeat.  Day 43, electrical brainwaves sensed.  Week 9, baby has unique fingerprints.  Week 12, all body systems functioning.  These are some of the earliest signs of life for a human being, new life that begins the moment the first single cell is formed on day 0.  The Alan Guttmacher Institute states that 1 baby is aborted every 25 seconds.  By the time I finish this message, more than 16 of these new lives will have been eradicated.  The cruel reality of abortion today.  How can we let this go on?  Why are so many innocent lives so thoughtlessly discarded by the very people who caused their existence?

When I first heard of the concept of abortion, I was utterly flabbergasted.  What kind of woman would willingly give up the greatest privilege, the highest honour that only half of mankind has been blessed with – the honour of bringing life into the world?  What sort of man would turn down an offer to have tenderness, purity, and innocence born once again in this now troubled, taxing world?  And what possibility of a bright future would a society that supported this absurd decision expect to have, when the very building blocks that will one day produce great nations are being denied the right to see the light of day?  As I sat in my bedroom, pondering this tragedy that scars our daily lives, I found truly deplorable answers.

Whereas pregnancy was once exalted an a commendable contribution to society, it is regarded today as in the words of Armstrong Williams, a ‘burden on our individuality and lifestyle.’  Modern feminism has indeed devalued motherhood, as is made evident by the women who cry out for liberation from this slavery, from the swelling in their stomachs, that weighs them down like shackles.  And we, as a society, undeniably foster this notion, planting the bitter seeds in every mind that a woman with child is far less likely to succeed in the workplace, and in life.  Well, after spending seventeen years with the woman who brought me into this world and enriched my life with love and moral values, who single-handedly worked with determination to fulfill my every need and more, after so many fortifying and enlightening years with the woman I call ‘my ma’, I can confidently debunk this myth.  A mother can indeed be self-sufficient and successful in today’s world.

I understand that bringing up a child is no easy task, not for married couples, and certainly not for single mothers – which I might add, has become a popular trend of modern civilization, arising from our casual ‘modern’ attitudes to sex and the quick, guaranteed, publically accepted Plan B-  ABORTION.  My mom tackled the same challenges that so many lone mums face.  She did not have a trust fund to fall back on;  she did not have a partner to cut her some slack when shee was exhausted or ill….Yet not once did she wish to be free of me to be able to go back and undo my birth which would have spared her the toil, “THE IRKSOME RESPONSIBILITY”.  For her, I was the purpose, the motivation, the reward.  And I stand here today, proud and in awe of her for the individual that she has raised, and grateful that she believed that I was worth the sacrifice.  Because of her I believe that giving every child his/her right to LIFE is worth the sacrifice and it is definitely NOT ours to decide whether to extinguish or exterminate this right.

Unfortunately, deciding whether to carry the child to term is often further complicated, as 2008 statistics show.  Out of the 98% of abortions conducted in this country due to ‘personal choice’, 32% were done because the mother was too young or unprepared for the responsibility, and 30% due to the economic reasons.  Can you envision the countless lives, the valuable futures that would have been saved, had these women considered adoption?  I truly cannot imagine having to leave my baby in the hands of a stranger, however, entrusting him to a family than can care and provide for him as I cannot is a sacrifice that a mother’s selfless love makes possible.  But the rest of us should be ashamed for turning a blind eye on the 40 trillion dollars spent annually on abortion, ashamed of even being the self-righteous parent or ‘friend’ who pressured a woman into extinguishing that flame of life within her, ashamed of trivialising the nature of sex to begin with.  Wouldn’t you agree that it is our duty as human beings to instead, face the consequences and support those struggling parents, or at least take in these poor children if we are in a better position to do so, than to callously discard them, as mere products of carelessness?

Ultimately, it comes down to you and the value you place on life.  I stand before you to remind you of the incredible power you yield in determining the future of our world – it is up to you.  Is it even possible to forget, laws and politics, egos and ambition, the dreamy TV romances we seek in our own lives….Well, I am asking you, whatever your race or religion may be, to forget the rest of the world, just for a moment and strip it down to just you and the unborn child.  Could you really exploit such innocence, such helplessness and feel no piercing of your heart?  Could you end a life that might not have been created in the most desirable circumstances, but nevertheless is an extension of your own life – could you really do this and bear to look at yourself in the mirror?

We touch other people’s lives simply by existing – J. K. Rowling.  Let us make a conscious decision today to be life-giving and just in our daily existences, essentially, to be HUMANE, and let us honour every new life with the opportunity to do the same.

Amanda Figeredo
Dunwoody, GA

First Place Winner – 2011 Georgia Right to Life Oratory Contest
2011 National Right to Life Finalist

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It seems that Personhood is repeatedly in the news – and rightfully so.  Support is swelling right here in Georgia and across the nation for the personhood initiatives that seek to protect all human life from conception forward as a matter of constitutional law.  It would restore respect and effective legal protection for all human beings, including the unborn.  The idea is simple and bold and ultimately, may provide a direct challenge to the central holding of Roe v Wade, the landmark decision that made abortion legal in the United States.

In our time of science and technology, we know that life begins at conception.  It would seem that confusion still exists.  Modern medicine is not confused, however.  The unborn child is their patient in genetic problems, vitamin deficiencies, spina bifida and more.  Consider the case of Samuel, a Georgia boy, operated on at 7 months of pregnancy.  The surgery helped repair a major spinal defect and a healthy, active baby boy was the result. I have seen him captivate a room full of people with his bright, smiling face and of course, his favorite truck! Who is the patient, but a tiny unborn human being?  These days we protect turtles, wolves, eagles, and whales, and yet we “do away” with babies at the rate of over 400,000 per year.

Legalized abortion has been a part of the American cultural scene since 1973.  In the Roe v. Wade decision, Justice Harry Blackmun said that, “(If the) suggestion of personhood [of the preborn] is established, the [abortion rights] case, of course, collapses, for the fetus’ right to life is then guaranteed specifically by the 14th Amendment.”  If an unborn child is a person, then their right to life trumps their mother’s right to choose their death.  With the states passing of the Personhood Amendment the litigation would eventually be taken up by the Supreme Court. Whether the Supreme Court acts – or how – is an open debate.  Previous challenges and pro-life strategies have been viewed in the courts as an attempt to take away from the rights of the mother.  The recognition of unborn children as persons does not take away from the mother but recognizes unborn children with all legal rights and protection due them under the 14th amendment.

We cannot continue to diminish the value of any one category of human life – the unborn – without diminishing the value of all human life.  The personhood of the unborn child is the single point on which the entire debate turns.  This is not the first time America has been divided by a Supreme Court decision that denied the value of human lives.  The Dred Scott decision of 1857 was not overturned in a year, or even a decade.  The good news was that the minority persisted in their vision and finally prevailed.  It will take time to educate, clearly frame and present the issue at hand.   Change is possible,  however… and it begins with you and with me.

Let Georgia Right to Life help you educate your local chapter, your church or the citizens of your community on the value of Personhood.  Contact Suzanne Ward, Director of Public Relations & Education, at suzanneward@grtl.org.

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Michelle Bachman: 100% Prolife

Candidate Michelle Bachmann: “I am 100% pro-life.”


I am 100 percent pro-life.
I’ve given birth to five babies, and I’ve taken 23 foster children into my
home. I believe in the dignity of life from conception until natural death. I
believe in the sanctity of human life…

And I think the most eloquent words ever written were those in our
Declaration of Independence that said it’s a creator who endowed us with
inalienable rights given to us from God, not from government. And the beauty of
that is that government cannot take those rights away. Only God can give, and
only God can take…

And the first of those rights is life. And I stand for that right. I
stand for the right to life.
The very few cases that deal with those
exceptions are the very tiniest of fraction of cases, and yet they get
all the attention
. Where all of the firepower is and where the real
battle is, is on the general — genuine issue of taking an innocent human life.
I stand for life from conception until natural death.

~ Representative Michelle Bachmann (R-Minnesota) stating
her pro-life position during the GOP 2012 debate hosted by CNN
as quoted by LifeNews,
June 14

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Looking in on Chris: How is he doing?

May 8th:  Week 7  Chris’ brain waves can now be detected.  Wonder what Chris is dreaming?  Did you know that over the remaining months, Chris’ brain will develop over 100 billion neurons?  The brain begins to control movement of muscles and organs.  The nose is developing and the eyes darken as pigment is produced.  The mother has probably confirmed that she is pregnant.

May 15th:  Week 8  Chris begins to move.  Chris’ arms are bending and flexing like a child taking a Karate class.  Fingers are developing and will soon become Chris’ first toy.  Chis started swimming and can do a mean backstroke.  Chris is also doing back flips–getting ready for the 2018 Olympics.  The mother may have to buy some Clearasil.

May 22nd: Week 9  Chris is a little under an inch long.  Chris’ name changes from embryo to fetus, which is Latin for “young one.”  Everything is now present that would be found in a fully developed adult.  If Chris would have kept growing all 9 months as fast as this second month, Chris would have been born as big as two overfed elephants.  Whew!  Thankfully, development slows down.

May 29th:  Week 10  Chris’ fingerprints are already evident.  The fingers can curve around an object placed in the palm.  Chris is having a wonderful time wriggling, shifting, dancing and playing with the toys in the womb–other fingers, toes, nose, ears — such fun!  If only we had a window to the womb.  The mother is coping with many changes–nurturing a baby is hard.

“You know me through and through, from having watched my bones take shape when I was being formed in secret. . .”  Ps 139:15

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Pro-Life Movement makes strides…

Five Reasons the Pro-Life Movement is Winning on Abortion
by Steven Ertelt | Washington, DC | LifeNews.com | 5/18/11 3:10 PM

PrintEmailNational, Opinion 886ShareTrevin Wax, an editor at LifeWay Christian resources and a blogger at Kingdom People, is out with an article that is making the rounds in pro-life circles explaining five reasons why he believes the pro-life movement is winning on the issue of abortion.

Wax says the pro-life movement is moving in the right direction on public opinion, he sees the mainstream media as moving away slightly from the pro-abortion mantra, and he points out the next generation or two of Americans are taking strongly pro-life positions and, like Justin Bieber, going as far as saying they are pro-life in public and not worrying about any backlash.

Wax also contends black and Hispanic pro-life advocates are joining the pro-life movement, which has long since been dominated by Catholics and evangelicals. He calls them the “Third Wave” of pro-life advocates who will make the pro-life perspective even more mainstream — especially among people who have a tendency to vote for abortion advocates for elected office. Ultimately, he believes abortion advocates are on the defensive — saying they are having to downplay abortion in favor of verbiage on women’s health

He concludes: “The tipping point in favor of the pro-life cause is not evident to all. Time magazine recently chose Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards for their 100 Most Influential List (a decision akin to choosing segregationist George Wallace over crusader Martin Luther King, Jr.). There is much work to be done. The abortion debate will not go away. The fundamental issue at stake is not reproductive freedom but the desire to extend human rights to all — even the smallest and most vulnerable human beings among us. Those who continue to ignore or deny the humanity of the unborn are increasingly on the defensive because new technologies are opening the window into the womb. What we find there are not tissues to be discarded, but human lives worth protecting.”

Wax has good points and he could likely flesh out other arguments as to why the pro-life movement is winning, starting with his mention of technology (ultrasound) making it crystal clear the humanity of the unborn child. Additionally, significant research on topics like fetal pain, post-abortion problems, and the link between abortion and breast cancer is bringing new information to light that people didn’t have during Roe v. Wade (or even 10 years ago) showing how abortions cause problems.

Other points buttressing Wax’s argument include the fact that abortion numbers nationally have declined and are down to historic lows in many states, the number of pro-life laws approved on the state level is on the rise, the abortion industry is coming under exposure for hurting women and overlooking things like sexual abuse of minors and sex trafficking, and the Planned Parenthood business in particular is facing more opposition than ever before.

Of course, the biggest reason is that we may very well be one vote away on the Surpeme Court from overturning Roe and beginning the process of restoring legal protection for unborn children. Next year’s presidential election will determine if we make ore progress on that front.

Below is the first of the five arguments from Wax and a link to his full writing:

The pro-life cause is winning. In state legislatures, in the media, and in grassroots efforts to reduce the number of abortions, pro-life activists have put abortion rights advocates on defense. The pro-life movement certainly has hurdles to overcome before the United States can become a place where all human life is legally protected. Yet the eventual outcome is certain. Here are five reasons I believe we have reached a tipping point in favor of the pro-life cause.

1) Public Opinion
A majority of Americans surveyed in a recent Rasmussen poll, including a large percentage of those who identified themselves “pro-choice,” said they believe abortion is “morally wrong most of the time.” Last year, for the third consecutive time, Gallup found that more Americans accept the pro-life label, a result that led the polling firm to acknowledge “a real change in public opinion.”

One reason for this shift is the high-tech ultrasound machine that reaffirms what embryology textbooks have told us all along — that the unborn child is truly a human being. In a recent Washington Post editorial, Frances Kissling, former President of Catholics for Choice, advised abortion-rights advocates to shift strategies: “We can no longer pretend the fetus is invisible.” Yet few pro-choice activists seem to be listening to Kissling’s advice. They continue to cast themselves as the defenders of “women’s reproductive rights.” This worn-out strategy fails to resonate with a large number of Americans because it ignores the point of tension. The debate has moved on from “reproductive rights” to the more perplexing question: “What are the unborn?”

Meanwhile, many people — including some you would not expect — are openly registering their unease with the procedure. Take the recently released autobiography of Steven Tyler, the “screamin’ demon” lead singer of rock band Aerosmith. When he impregnated a teenaged girl in the mid-1970s, friends convinced them they could not raise the child and should seek an abortion. “They put the needle in her belly and squeeze the stuff in and you watch,” Tyler recounted. “And it comes out dead. I was pretty devastated. In my mind, I’m going, Jesus, what have I done?”

Twenty years ago, many of those who considered themselves “pro-life” were a little hesitant to say so publicly. Today, the reverse is true. Even those who advocate a woman’s right to abortion don’t want to fight for that position too passionately.

Read the full article here.

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Will You Pray for Georgia for the Next 12 days?

“To get  nations back on their feet, we must get down on our knees first.”

We are less than two weeks away to the July 20th elections. With each vote we have the opportunity to make a vote that is principled or one that is led by the political wind of the day.

2 Chronicles 7:13-14 states, “If My people who are called by My name humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, will forgive their sin and will heal their land.”

We are encouraging citizens in Georgia to join Georgia Right to Life for the next 12 days to pray specifically for the elections and to humble yourself before God. We want men and women in office who see each human being as intrinsically valuable.

Below are some prayer points for you to follow in your daily times of prayer:

Day 1: Personal Preparation Psalms 51

Day 2: God’s Ability to Help Us- Psalm 77:7-15

Day 3: For the Church to Recognize Its Responsibility- Matthew 5:13-16

Day 4:For God to Open the Eyes of Our Fellow Georgians- Psalm 73

Day 5: Revival and Spritual Awakening- Psalm 85:6-13

Day 6: God’s Intervention to Turn the Tide- 2 Chronicles 7:12-15

Day 7: Confusion and Corruption- Isaiah 3:12-13

Day 8: The Killing of the Unborn- Psalms 139:13-16

Day 9: For Every Person in Georgia to Realize They are Created in God’s Image- Genesis 1:26-27

Day 10: For the Church and Our Leaders to Wake Up to the Call to Adoption-James 1:27

Day 11: For Revival Worldwide- Psalms 117

Day 12: Praise God for What He Will Do- Psalms 149

These prayer points were adapted from Intouch Ministries 140 Days of Intercession for America prayer points. You can visit www.intouch.org for the full list of prayer points until the general election in November.


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Black and Unwanted: New Billboard Campaign Launches this Week

For Immediate Release June 1, 2010

For More Information Contact Catherine Davis 770-339-6880

Lawrenceville, GA – Black and Unwanted, the new billboard campaign launched by Georgia Right to Life and the Radiance Foundation has a continuing message and goal: to increase awareness of the devastating impact of abortion on Georgia’s black community while highlighting the need for more adoptions. Over 60 billboards have been placed in Augusta, Macon, and Savannah.

Georgia is among the states that lead the country in the number of reported abortions performed on black women, 18,901 in 2008 alone.

Catherine Davis, Director of Minority Outreach for Georgia Right to Life noted, “This project is going to continue as long as women are being lied to and the killing of black children is seen as our ‘best’ way to end poverty. Women need to know all their options and expose the lies that Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers have been spreading for years.”

“Our children are our heritage, our strength and the abortion community has reduced our legacy to the status of a parasite, something to be eliminated rather than cherished,” Davis said. “Black and Unwanted is a campaign that begins the restoration of value to black children in Georgia and the nation.”

 Ryan Bomberger, creator of the billboards and co-founder of the Radiance Foundation, noted that there is a reason the emphasis of this campaign is on black Americans and abortion, “According to the CDC, African-Americans have abortions at three times the rate of white women and twice the rate of all other races combined.”

Bomberger continues, “Abortion is being used as birth control and increasingly encouraged by groups like Planned Parenthood who, in 2008, aborted 65 children for every 1 client they referred for adoption; that’s 305,310 abortions to 4,912 adoption referrals.”

In addition to the billboards, the website www.TooManyAborted.com and the Twitter account www.twitter.com/endangered7337 are being used as tools to continue the discussion.

Georgia Right to Life (www.grtl.org) promotes respect and effective legal protection for all human life from its earliest biological beginning through natural death. GRTL is one of the numbers of organizations that have adopted Personhood (www.personhood.net) as the most effective pro-life strategy for the 21st century.

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GRTL State Oratory Contest Winner Heather Benefield Advances to Nationals

Georgia Right to Life is pleased to annouce the results of the 2010 State Oratory Contest which was held on May 1, 2010, Heather Benefield, 1st place representing the Atlanta chapter and Leila Bowman, 2nd place representing the Cherokee County Chapter.

Heather Benefield lives in Senoia, GA with her adoptive parents and four brothers.  She is a homeschooled high school

Pictured Left to Right -Heather Benefield, 1st place winner, Hannah Carter, Director of Education, and Leila Bowman, 2nd Place Winner

 junior and is a member of St. Francis De Sales Catholic Church in Mableton, GA.  Her speech was in defense of the unborn.  She, her mother and 2 adopted brothers are all survivors of abortion.  Heather will now compete at the NRTL Oratory Contest on June 26th, 2010.

Heather is no beginner in placing in oratory tournaments. She has been a forensics participant in the NCFCA- National Christian Forensic Communications Association- for two years.  In 2009 she advanced to regionals in Team Policy Debate and Persuasive Speaking, placed 4th in the region and advanced to the National competition, held in Greenville, SC at Bob Jones University where she finished 12th in the Nation. Heather has recently returned from Jacksonville, FL where she competed in the NCFCA 2010 Region VIII Invitational tournament where she finished 7th in Original Oratory and qualified to the National tournament to be held in June at Regent University in Virginia Beach,VA. She also participated  in the American Legion 2010 Oratorical Contest where she advanced to the District level and received a scholarship to Girls State 2010  held in June at Georgia Southern University.

Adopted at age 12, Heather spent much of her early years in the foster care system.  She strives to use her gifts and her story to inspire hope in other children waiting for families and spread the message of LIFE in a manner that glorifies God above all else.
Please take a moment and read Heather’s inspiring speech entitled, Taking a Pro-Life Stand (TAPS).

“Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves”

- Proverbs 31:8 (The Holy Bible)

“Day is done…Gone the sun…”

“….18, 19, 20″

*Every 20 seconds a child dies*(www.prolife.com)


“From the lake, from the hill, from the sky…”


     Yes every 20 seconds a child dies.  Abortion is one of the most common surgical procedures in the world today, but the average person knows almost nothing of its gruesome reality.  Year after year, it lurks in the shadows, quietly destroying almost 4,000 innocent human beings a day in the U.S. and 130,000 a day worldwide. (www.abortionfacts.com)

 High schools and universities go to great lengths to graphically expose the dangers of drugs, smoking, and drunk driving, but for some reason take a pass when it comes to abortion or even a discussion on the beginning of human life.

 Dr. Watson A. Bowes from the University of Colorado clearly states, “The beginning of a single human life is, from a biological point of view, a simple and straight forward matter… the beginning is CONCEPTION.”  (www.wikipedia.org)  So, why do so many Americans  think it’s in our power to decide when life ends? Well because our government told us so! Roe vs. Wade in 1973 was the most significant case in the history of abortion in America. (www.wikipedia.org) It ruled that abortions were legal if there was a convincing reason as to why a mother should have one.   Individual states may pass laws to safeguard the “health” of the mother. However, the courts define “health” as physical, emotional, and psychological health. Therefore, any reason is valid for an abortion. (www.plannedparenthood.com)      

 Most women who are considering abortion hear the terms  fetus and fetal demise, and truly don’t realize the meaning behind them. These words are used to intentionally disconnect the mother from her baby’s life and the murder that’s about to be committed with her consent.  Someone needs to tell that mother that the word fetus is actually a Latin word that literally translates into “little one.”  (www.wikipedia.org)  Fetal demise.. death… of the little one.”

 A 12-week old unborn baby is only about 2 inches long, yet every organ of its body and every attribute of its human development is already in place.  The arms and legs, the intricately formed nose and ears, tiny finger and toes are clearly visible with today’s ultrasound technology. 

      How can people say that this is not murder? Would it honestly be any different if we used a gun? Don’t you find it ironic that  the most dangerous place to be is inside the womb? Ever wonder what happened to that appendix you had removed or those gallstones from last year? Just what is in those red trash cans that say Bio-Hazard Waste on them when you go to the doctor’s office or the hospital anyway? Most people are unaware that the tumors, cysts, bloody gauge, gloves and rags, are all wrapped in plastic, boxed up and tightly taped shut, where they are shipped to an incinerator… along with countless babies from abortion clinics all across the country.  Boxes of babies are casually thrown off of a truck into a pile to be burned.

 Are aborted babies really bio-hazardous waste? Just tissue? Like a tumor? If human life is equated with tumors and cysts, why do women hide the fact that they have had an abortion or are even considering one? Why do pro-choice people label abortion as the most gut-wrenching, emotional and difficult decision that a woman ever has to make?  Why do they call it a choice? 

 One-third of all human babies are aborted in this nation alone, which is over one million every year.  (www.prolife.com)We’re not talking about a few hundred or even a few thousand.  We’re talking about millions of people that are missing from our world today.  What if one of those missing were the next Mozart or Einstein?  What if one of those missing was the biochemist or researcher destined to discover the cure for Cancer or AIDS?    What if one of those missing was me?   

As a matter of fact,  4 out of 5 members of my immediate family can say that they are abortion survivors.  My two youngest siblings and I, are all adopted. One of my brothers , Dylan. who is now 8, was promised to my parents after his abortion date had already been set. My youngest brother Seth, was taken into foster care at birth.  He survived only because $475.00 to pay for an abortion  is a lot of money to come up with when your birth mother is addicted to drugs. I should know… that’s what I was told by the drug addicted prostitute that I was born to.  She told me repeatedly that I was a mistake and should have been aborted-

 But God had other plans for me, my two little brothers and the woman who adopted me when I was 12 years old.    That woman who I now know as my “real” mom was born in 1968 despite an attempt by her mother to abort illegally.

 Our Lord has a plan for every life. Why would anyone think that its okay to take that incredible gift away? The Bible is replete and precise in it’s teaching.  The  human life – from the beginning to its natural end – is sacred, and only God determines the length of those days.  “Thou shalt not kill” (Exodus 20:13) (The Holy Bible) That applies equally to the unborn baby as it does to the developing child, the mature adult, and the senior citizen. Genesis 1:26-27 says that “being made in the image of God gives life its sacredness.” (The Holy Bible)

 I know that abortion is a difficult topic to discuss but it’s so very important…much more important than any speech competition.  Forget about the scores and ranking for a moment and really listen.  I am asking you, pleading with you, to decide and know that regardless of the circumstance – even in the case of rape or incest that abortion is murder. It’s wrong, no matter what you say bottom line is that its just wrong. (www.abortiontv.com)  Whether you look at the beginning of human life from a medical stand point or a biblical stand point, its one in the same- the beginning of life is the moment of conception .

It doesn’t matter whether you are a Christian, Buddhist, Muslim, Agnostic, or Atheist. It doesn’t matter what you believe, who you pray to or even if you pray.   No one can deny the basic human morality, we ALL know right from wrong.

“All is well…safely rest… God is nigh.”




Take A  Pro-life Stand

During the time that I have been giving my speech 22 children have been murdered.

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