Heh, there. Look at me. I’m getting to be a big boy!

August 7th, Week 20:  If you were to shine a very bright light on my mother’s abdomen, I might slowly move my hand in front of my eyes.  If you make a very loud noise, I just might cover my ears.  But I can also her my mom’s voice and when she sings a lullaby, it soothes me and helps me sleep.  My private parts are clearly visible now, but NO peeking; after all, I’m naked.  And I have a right to privacy, too.  I hope mom is feeling me kick and remembering her prenatal vitamins.

August 14, Week 21:  Hair is starting to grow on my head.  I wonder if I’ll have my dad’s color.  He’s a cool red-head.  I am 20 weeks old now and in another 20 weeks I will be born.  Half-way there.  Yeh!  My legs are getting stronger.  I sleep in the same position now.  I’m over 6 inches tall when I stretch out, and I weigh over 10 ounces.  If mom lies quietly on her back, locates her own heartbeat by finding her pulse, then lays her hand on her belly, she can distinguish her heartbeat from mine.  My heart pumps about 6 gallons of blood every day.

August 21, Week 22:  My tongue is fully formed now.  I’m practicing making noise so I can give people raspberries.  I can hear noises from outside.  Some loud ones scare me.  I know mom’s voice, though, and really like the music she listens to.  I now have fingernails and fingerprints.  I’m not as little as I used to be.  If I could stand up straight, I would be 10 inches long.  Mommy doesn’t know that I’m a boy yet!  She’s waiting to find out.

August 28, Week 23:  I can hear mom’s conversations more clearly now.  I can hear her read, sing, and talk.  I like to kick back, suck my thumb, and listen to her read to me.  My eyelids and eyebrows are fully formed.  My fingernails have grown to the end of my fingers.  I’m going to be very smart because my brain is growing very fast.  I weigh almost a pound.  And, dad, talk to me, too.  I can here you even better than mom.


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