A Crowning Worth Writing About

A crowning worth writing about…
by Ashley Wiktorek on Tuesday, July 12, 2011 at 11:09pm

To look back two years ago, I could have never imagined that moment when God blessed me and I was crowned Miss Right to Life of Georgia 2010 last July. I have never participated in a pageant before and I never considered myself the stereotypical ‘pageant type’. However, if ever there was a pageant for me to be a part of then Miss Right to Life was exactly the pageant. It is a scholarship and benefit pageant that stands up for its beliefs and we practice what we teach. With all the profits of the pageant going to Georgia Right to Life and the mission statement, “Mentoring and fostering a respect for human life while touching hearts, changing minds, and saving lives.” It is a pageant that was created and established by a small board of young women with the purpose of being proactive and allowing their voices to be heard for the Pro-life community. I wanted to be a part of this purpose. Forget what the media’s stereotype is of pageants. I may walk on a stage with a pretty dress and smile, but as Miss Right to Life of Georgia that is only two minutes of my year reign.

A year of reigning to make others smile through community service from baking cookies and singing to the patients at Our Lady of Perpetual Help Home to walking in the together for life march in Atlanta, Ga. To top it all off, the highlight of my year when we signed pictures while dancing with the Olympians of the Cobb County’s special Olympics. No matter where I go, I attempt to always wear my title of Miss Right to Life of Georgia 2010 held high. I brought that title with me to Liberty University where I was able to share about the purpose of our pageant to many on my hall and my professors. I even got to meet Ms. Lila Rose, the president of liveaction.org. Overall this year, I reigned to the best of my ability and I would have not had a year reign without God guiding me every step.

I look back on my year as Miss Right to Life and I see a pageant that is creating young girls to be proud women of God. As I told the judges around this time a year ago…It is not about me having confidence in myself but in my Savior. My goal as Miss Right to Life of Georgia was not to be a role model but to be the best woman of God that I could be. In the process of this transformation, I have noticed that maybe I do want to be a woman a girl can look up too. In society today, the word ‘normal’ for us has become young women assuming something is wrong with them if they do not look like a girl in a magazine to MTV marketing teen moms and making their show one of the most popular among the nation. If you ask a middle school girl in today’s society, she will most likely say the norm is sex and drinking. Well if my beliefs seem to be radical because I refuse to let this be my ‘norm’, then call me radical. Miss Right to life is not about molding girls into something they are not and piling extreme amount of makeup on their faces. Our pageant is about showing the world every individual’s natural God given beauty.

God has transformed me into who I am. Why be what society calls normal when we were created to be set apart from the ‘world’. I am nowhere near perfect, but as it is written in Songs of Solomon, “All beautiful you are, my darling; there is no flaw in you” (4:7). So no matter what anyone thinks about me or the words they try to use to bring me down, I as Miss Right to Life and as Ashley Elizabeth Wiktorek stand strong to my beliefs. With my feet planted firmly, I praise the love God has for me because in the end, the only crowning worth writing about is Him, Jesus Christ.


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