Time to Look in on Chris.

June 5: Week 11  The most critical part of Chris’ development is now complete.  Now Chris enters into a period of rapid growth.  Eyelids fuse closed and won’t reopen again until about 26 weeks.  Eye color is already determined and Chris can squint and swallow.  Chis is over an inch long and is moving quickly about the womb.  Mother’s waistline is starting to disappear.

June 12: Week 12  Chris is almost 2 inches long now.  Fingers and toes are separated.  Chris could easily stand on Dad’s little finger nail.  Chris’ feet are the size of the Precious Feet pins that have become the symbol of the pro-life movement.  Finger nails and hair are starting to grow.  The placenta is now proving nutrition from Mom.  Chris likes pizza!

June 19:Week13  Chris now sleeps, awakens, and exercises the muscles energetically (we could take some lessons from him.)  He turns his head, curls his toes, makes a fist, opens and closes his mouth while “breathing” the amniotic fluid to help develop his respiratory system.  Chris is very active.  However he is still a lightweight – weighing about one ounce – about as much as a letter.  If the doctor uses a Fetal Doppler, it won’t be the weather that is seen, but Chris’ heartbeat which sounds like galloping horses.

June 26: Week 14  Chris now has teeth buds for all 20 teeth.  Teething will come later.  He is almost 3 inches long and weighs in at one ounce.  Chris is still exercising and practicing his “breathing.” All Chris’ nourishment is now coming through the placenta.  Vocal cords begin to form and although they may not be ready for a rock band, Chris will use them immediately following birth for that first cry!  Now mom usually feels better and has more energy.  She’s spreading the Good News.




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  1. Delightful post..so when is Chris due..will keep checking back..(Christmas time ?) is that right…good luck..ELiza Keating

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