Free Copy of “Personhood”

Hopefully, we have been wetting your appetite for reading Dan Becker’s book: Personhood:  A Pragmatic Guide to Prolife Victory in the 21st Century and the Return to First Principles in Politics.

If you make a donation to GRTL for $50 to our Educational Trust Fund, we will send you a free copy.  You won’t even pay shipping & handling.  So click here so we can get this great books into your hands, today.


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One response to “Free Copy of “Personhood”

  1. Kevin Williams

    I just finished reading Personhood and am totally on board to promote Personhood legislation here in Colorado. I was wondering if you are going to print it in a cheaper format so it can be purchased in bulk and given away? I buy Randy Alcorns book “Why Prolife” in 50 lots for a dollar apiece and give them out and they have been a useful tool for getting the word out. I intend to buy a few copies of Beckers book even at regular price to give out any way. It’s well worth it. If you could give me prices for bulk I would appreciatte it.
    May God’s strength be yours as you continue to bear witness of God’s faithfulness to show Himself strong to those who are faithful to Him.
    In Him, Kevin Williams, 970 534 9053

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