Victory in Lawrenceville, Georgia

Hi, y’all,

It has been a truly awesome campaign this spring! Before our very eyes, the most incredible thing has happened: the number of clients at the abortion facility in Lawrenceville has dropped and dropped and dropped. The average Tuesday, for instance, prior to and at the beginning of this 40 Days for Life campaign would have up to ten clients per hour at peak times.  Then you began praying and fasting.  Over the course of the campaign, that number has come down significantly – until yesterday was just one or two per hour at the same peak times! And at the start of the campaign, Tuesday evenings had a packed parking lot, with workers staying late to process all the clients.  Yesterday, with no clients in sight, the abortion workers locked the doors very promptly on time.

We may not know the stories as to how particular individuals are being kept away from this place of evil, but clearly they are – and we sure do know why!  It’s the amazing army of faithful prayer warriors like you fighting the spiritual battle on their behalf through prayer and sacrifice. And God in His mercy is pouring out the grace He loves to give!

To celebrate the Lord’s victory and to thank you for all your prayers and sacrifices during this campaign, you are invited to the 40 Days for Life Victory Celebration! On Saturday, April 30th at 4:30 pm, you are invited to Sweetwater Park in Lawrenceville for a fun and relaxing time of fellowship.  There will be a picnic, games, and music with the opportunity to see all the pictures from the campaign, to share stories, and to praise God for his amazing blessings.  Bring a friend!  Everyone is welcome!

Hope to see you there!

God bless you!


Kateri Howard



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