A Roadmap to Victory

Excerpt of Chapter 3 from
Personhood: A Pragmatic Guide to Prolife Victory in the 21st Century and the Return to First Principles in Politics by Daniel Becker, President of Georgia Right to Life.

“Where are we nearly four decades after Roe v. Wade?  And how did we get here?  53 million plus dead!  What went wrong?”  These questions are just a sampling of the ones being asked by third generation prolifers.  Largely younger and more active than their parents before them, today’s activists want more action and fewer excuses for a lack of victories on the prolife front.  Typically they have the drive and enthusiasm of youth, but lack any clear trumpet call-to-arms from the “troopers” who have gone before them.  What they hear instead is “Wait until we capture the Senate and can appoint Supreme Court Justices,” “Wait until the timing on the Court is right,” “Wait, wait, wait. . .!”

Divine Law v Natural Law

As I see it, here in lies the dividing issue:  Which system of law will our movement follow; and, if both are required, are both of equal weight and authority?  The apostle Paul, in Romans 2:14-16, indicated that there are two sources of law: one by means of special revelation (divine law) and the other supplied by conscience (natural law.)

It was not until Georgia Right to Life turned from following the map of natural law in the direction of God’s Law that we begin to emerge from the wilderness of inaction, ineffectual law and lack of influence within the culture.  From the very moment we made a decision at the Board level to follow God’s ways we began experiencing a string of supernatural victories and advances that have resulted in many innocent lives being saved.  Nothing has proven more pragmatic than taking a principled stand for life!

What others are saying about “Personhood:”
“The Holocaust of the unborn is the darkest chapter in American History and Dan Becker’s book is a call to turn the page and restore a culture of life.  It is a must read.”

Mathew D. Staver
Dean and Professor of Law
Liberty University School of Law

To order the book please go to www.tkspublications.com


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