SB 209: What’s holding it up?


The Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, will be voted on after lunch on Thursday, March 10th.
Please call the members of the committee (see below) and ask them to vote YES on this bill, SB 209.  Please call before lunch!!!!!.

Please forward this email to your email friends and ask them to make the calls more lunch.  It is imperative that they hear from you!

SB 209 Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, Sen. Barry Loudermilk

This bill is similar to the bill passed last year in Nebraska.  It bans abortions in Georgia from 20 weeks on.  This represents 1,541 babies (2008). Of those, 714 were from out of state.  Here are ten other states that have filed similar bills.
Members of Senate Rules Committee
Senator Don Balfour               (404) 656-0095
Senator Bill Hamrick              (404) 656-0036
Senator Jeff Mullis                  (404) 656-0057
Senator John Bulloch              (404) 656-0040
Senator Gloria Butler              (404) 656-0075
Senator Steve Henson             (404) 656-0085
Senator Jack Hill                     (404) 656-5038
Senator George Hooks            (404) 656-0065
Senator Chip Rogers               (404) 463-1378
Senator Mitch Seabaugh         (404) 656-6446
Senator David Shafer             (404) 656-0048
Senator Ross Tolleson             (404) 656-0081
Senator  Renee Unterman       (404) 463-1368
Senator Tommie Williams       (404) 656-0089
Senator Bill Cowsert               (404) 463-1383
Senator Greg Goggans            (404) 463-5263
Senator Cecil Staton               (404) 656-5039

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