“Pageant” is a hard pill to swallow.

by Amy Nicole Brown on Friday, February 4, 2011 at 1:51am

“Pageant” is a hard pill to swallow for a lot of people, and rightly so. There is certainly a negative stereotype associated with the word. We all think of something. Big hair. Lots of makeup. Fake teeth. Hair pieces. Spray on tans. Fake. Fake. Fake. I get it, I really do. In fact, I used to think the same.

But, I’m here to break the barrier of this stereotype. If done genuinely with a true heart of service, “Pageant” should be one of the easiest pills you’ve ever swallowed.

The young girls in our country are hurting, and hurting bad. Low self esteem, teen pregnancy, and domestic violence with young women are on the rise all over our country. To all of us out there fighting to end abortion in this country, we have to begin somewhere don’t we? The ladies in our bible study class at church are most likely already pro life. Many of our friends at work are already pro life. Our family members, yeah- they’re mostly already pro life too. Lots of adults are either pro life or pro choice, and feel very strongly so.

The key is to start with our YOUTH. What about our girls? Our middle school girls? Our high school girls? Where do they sit? Truth is, many of them are still deciding. And the ones out there who believe in the right to life for ALL, where can they go where they are surrounded by girls their age who all feel the same way?

Miss Right to Life of Georgia IS a pageant program. A pageant program where score is based primarily on personal interview with three pro life judges, not big hair or deep tans. Pageant programs based on a more natural stance are popping up everywhere, and I think it’s wonderful.  These pageants build interview skills. They build confidence. They build sisterhood. They build soaring self esteem and worth. They build respect for others (and in Miss Right to Life’s case, respect for the preborn). Young women who trust in the Lord’s plan for their lives and who believe they are His, and His alone. And what do we get with wonderful young women with these attributes? Less unplanned pregnancies and fewer abortions.

That’s not all you get, either. These girls have changed my life. I had high hopes for this program when it first began two years ago, but my reality is tenfold. Their hearts are unreal. They have a zest for life and for the lives of the most innocent of all- the lives of the preborn. They have made this program. The day after the pageant, they put the “pageant” behind them and begin all of our favorite parts- the PROGRAM. A program where you are surrounded by pro life girls and young ladies, just like you.

This organization impacts girls of all ages. My goal? To save one life. To sway one decision. Just one. Maybe one day one of these girls will be faced with the decision of life or abortion? Maybe they will look back to one event, one day, one person, and remember who they and Whose they are. And once you are a “Right to Life” sister, you are a sister for life.

We have WONDERFUL pro life organizations in Georgia. The most well known of course, is Georgia Right to Life,  and all of its staff has been an inspiration to me- and made a huge impact on my life. They are what I like to call “Pro Life Warriors” and their efforts to end abortion are without measure. There are many pro life people in our state, but how many of us can get up every morning and say we are fighting for the right to life for all?

That being said, we can’t expect them to do all the work. And “Miss Right to Life”, well….that’s my portion and my contribution based on my knowledge and skills to aid in this war for life. It may not be biggest or best, but it’s my little part. Pro life organizations meant JUST for and centered around young girls are unheard of. There is nothing else like this out there for our girls in the United States of America, much less the state of Georgia. Where they can get together and be Christians, pro life, and be, well- girls?

Our future, and the future of babies in this nation, rests in their hands. My heart is dead set on mentoring as many girls as I can, and fostering the best environment in order for these girls to see the truth, and live the truth. It is too easy to get caught up in Satan’s lies, and it is my true belief that if God had his way in all of our hearts, abortion would not exist.

“Pageant” is a hard pill to swallow, but if it means we are able to impact our girls in a positive way and teach them the truth about abortion, well…. pass the glass of water.

Hope this has allowed you to pick my brain a little more, I love you all 🙂 – Amy



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