Pro-life Articles from the Blogosphere

Pro-life women on the rise

By Kathryn Lopez | Christine O’Donnell was ecstatic on election night. The winner of the Republican primary in Delaware was happy and beaming and passionate — she’s a natural in front of television cameras — as she celebrated her unconventional win. Watching that image, Chris Matthews on “Hardball” announced, “I think she beats out Carly Fiorina in the likeability department.”

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Embryonic stem cell research: the blood trail of progress

By Paul A. Ibbetson

With a recent federal appeals court decision temporarily lifting the ban on embryonic stem cell research, the question of destroying a life to save a life is again thrust back into the realm of public debate. As reported by medical AP writer Lauran Neergaard, the National Institutes of Health will rapidly resume embryonic stem cell research as well as remove holds on grants and contracts allowing the use of embryonic stem cells.

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When truth becomes debatable, death happens

By Judie Brown

Denial of the truth may be easier for some people when thinking about Catholic values. But regardless of whether truth is faced or denied, what the truth is does not change. Disregarding the truth to assuage guilt or make one’s actions fit into a mold that will alleviate distress from one’s conscience is still disregarding the truth. And when the truth is blurred, lives are lost.

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