Confusion and deceit or is the devil a liar?

Many people are getting robocalls from John Fuchko saying he is former president of Georgia Right to Life and he is asking for their vote for Karen Handel. The Executive Director came on the board of GRTL in 1992 and never heard of his name.

GRTL is NOT endorsing Karen Handel.



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3 responses to “Confusion and deceit or is the devil a liar?

  1. Georgia Right to Life has not heard from Mr. Fuchko in at least 25 years. It is completely an act of desperation for him to put his name in the same paragraph as GRTL to confuse and confound the pro-life people in Georgia.

    Shame on you, John Fuchko!

  2. Tom

    According to the wiki site for GRTL, John and Linda Fuchko served 1986-1988.

    GRTL presidents
    Georgia Right to Life has had a democratically elected president since its creation in 1970. These presidents include: Jay Bowman, 1970–1979, Kel MacDonald, 1979–1980, Mary Boyert, 1980–1986,[1] John and Linda Fuchko, 1986–1988, Erik Petersen, 1988–1989, Tom Clark, 1990–1991, Gen Wilson, 1991–2000, Caryl Swift, 2000–2007,[7] and Dan Becker, 2007–Present.[8] All presidents are limited to three consecutive terms. Any president may serve in any position within the organization for as long as the current president sees fit after their presidency.

    • Thank you, Tom, for putting up the dates of John and Linda Fuchko’s co-presidency of GRTL. It is true that they served then. However, it is also true, that GRTL has had no relationship with them since.

      Re: the robocall. It has sowed confusion and doubt in the minds of people who don’t really listen very close to the calls. Anything that sows confusion and doubt, instead of truth, can only be from the devil.

      If Mr. Fuchko wanted to endorse Karen Handel as a private citizen and his call would have made that clear, then there would be no problem. However, it appears to be a calculated, political move that will not serve the unborn and helpless in this state.

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