GRTL PAC Issues Endorsement for Governor

For Immediate Release, June 3, 2010

Contact Dan Becker 770-667-3777

Lawrenceville, GA- The Georgia Right to Life Political Action Committee (GRTL PAC) holds political candidates in this state to a very high standard in order to receive the pro-life endorsement.  “We live in the 21st century”, says Melanie Crozier, Political Director for Georgia Right to Life, “where new biomedical advances bring new challenges that necessitate a new pro-life paradigm. We must protect all human life.” GRTL PAC’s policy has proven to be a success for Georgia legislation that protects all innocent human life from the earliest moments of biological development to the natural end of life. Currently, Georgia is numbered eighth in the nation, by Americans United for Life, in passing pro-life laws.

 Presently, of the six leading Republican candidates for Governor, five of the six are endorsed by the GRTL PAC.  “There is one candidate though, who does not merit GRTL’s endorsement, and that is Karen Handel.” says Crozier.  “Ms. Handel proclaims herself pro-life; however, she does not meet the 21st century demands of being pro-life.” says Dan Becker, President of GRTL.

 “For instance, Handel believes that a child may be aborted based on its manner of conception. When I asked her directly her thoughts on the value of embryos, she answered that she does not believe that an embryonic human is a child.”

 Based on Ms. Handel’s own statements, she does not meet the GRTL PAC’s criteria and will not be endorsed in this primary election or the November election, without a change in her positions.

 The PAC urges all Republicans to vote for Life in the July 20th primary by voting for one of the five GRTL PAC-endorsed candidates: Jeff Chapman, Nathan Deal, Eric Johnson, Ray McBerry or John Oxendine. 

 All candidates that were endorsed by GRTL PAC have signed the PAC affirmation statement which says that they agree with our position on the Personhood of all human beings from fertilization to natural death and the attendant need for a Personhood Amendment to our state Constitution. 

 They also affirm that there should be no exceptions in abortion law based solely on the manner in which a child is conceived, that there should be restrictions on destructive in-vitro fertilization (IVF) practices that women should not be coerced into having an abortion, and that abortions based on race and gender should be outlawed in our state.  These five candidates are solidly behind GRTL’s pro-life agenda for legislation that restores effective, legal protection to all “persons” under Georgia’s State Constitution.



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10 responses to “GRTL PAC Issues Endorsement for Governor

  1. Scot Hollonbeck

    Dear Melanie Crozier,

    I am not sure I fully understand what GRTL meant in the June 3rd, GRTL PAC Issues Endorsement for Governor when it says …..that there should be restrictions on destructive in-vitro fertilization (IVF). If not for IVF I would not be happily married and the father of an amazing first grade daughter named Abby.
    In 1984 I was paralyzed by a drunk driver. IVF allowed our family to exist. Further our worldclass spinal cord injury research and biomedical industries in Georgia are in large part the reason I moved to Georgia. The blocking of research and science that can provide relief if not cure from the ravages of diseases like paralysis and MS are a great disappointment. I wonder how many of your board members and members have walked a mile in shoes of people’s lives they are choosing to limit?
    God Bless you and I forgive you.
    Scot Hollonbeck

    • Hi Scott,
      I’m sorry that it has taken me so long to get back to you. I have been trying to find the right words to say. First let me say that GRTL as an organization in no way wants to restrict from you or anyone else the right to have children, as long as other human lives aren’t destroyed in the process. We know that each child is a gift. I am glad that you were able to have a family that is the beauty of the advancements of science. However, I also know that there are times when the process of IVF has destructive policies like in the case of selective reduction or PGD. That is the area where we take issue with IVF. Through processes like PGD, children are screened at the embryonic level and then parents are faced with the tough decision to decide to abort their children because of possible genetic defects like Downs Syndrome. What happens after a while is these children are not seen as children any longer but property that can be disposed of.

      We know that the 21st century is going to be full of scientific advancements some which will protect life and some which will seek to destroy life. Our goal as an organization is to support the advancements of science as long as it does not destroy the life of another human being. In terms of embryonic stem cell research, a human life is destroyed, so we are not in favor of a medical practice that destroys life to save life. However, we are in favor of adult stem cell research which has seen over 73 cures in patients. We are also in favor of iPSC research which takes an adult stem cell and converts it back to have the same capabilities as an embryonic stem cell without destroying life.

      Our goal is the same today as it was the first day we started this organization to preserve the sanctity of all human life. Each child as I’m sure you saw in your own children has a unique ability that no one else has. They have an imprint from God that should be protected above all else. Our organization and our board of directors are humans and so we are learning each day what it means to be principled and how to communicate what we believe. We do have people on our board who have struggled with infertility. We have members whose family members are struggling with the effects of certain diseases like MS and Alzheimer’s.

      While each person’s story is different, we know that the value of each life is the same. Our job is not to try and tell one person that they are more valuable than the other, our job is to look at each person and help them realize that they are all fearfully and wonderfully made. I admire your courage for sharing with me your struggles to have a family.

      I thank you for your comments and I hope this helps you understand a little bit more where we are coming from as an organization and as individuals.

      Melanie Crozier

      If you would like to talk over the phone, I can be reached at 770-339-6880. I value your opinion and so does Georgia Right to Life.

  2. Terri

    I totally disagree with your decision not to back Karen Handle for Governor based solely on her belief in in-vitro-fertilization. I will no longer be a supporter of your organization and will work even harder to help Karen Handle become the next Governor of Georgia.

    • Terri,

      Our decision to not endorse Karen Handle was due to the fact that she did not meet our criteria. One of the main issues was the issue of saying that it is okay to kill children just because their father was a rapist. While we know that rape or incest is a traumatic situation for each woman, the solution should be to help the woman recieve counseling and anyother resources she needs so she can heal. The solution is not to label the child as the problem and kill it. In terms of the IVF issue, we are not opposed to IVF as an organization except when the procedure takes life i.e. selective reduction and PGD. We know that there are many issues in the 21st century that will cause people to stand on different sides of the fence, yet as an organization we are trying hard to preserve the respect for all human life regardless of the procedure or the manner he or she was concieved. We appreciate your comments and pray that you will continue to stand for life regardless of which organization you support.

  3. Abortion is murder. Plain and simple. At least give the baby to a family that can take care of it, even if you cannot.

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  5. Chris

    What is left out of every discussion of abortion is the voice of the child whose life hangs in the decision. For every discussion we have about abortion, listen to the voice of the unborn. What would they say?

  6. Carol

    I have always voted with the Ga. Right to life and selected candidates that agreed with their opinions. One reason was because I always felt that those on the left just went to far with their radical agenda. However, I always will agree with people like Karen Handel, that pregnancies can be terminated in cases of rape or incest and if the life of the mother is in danger. The reason I will change my stance is because this year I have seen a real ugly stand by the powers that be in your org. and also I saw how radical people are becoming on the right in this issue. The lady ( I forget her name) who was on TV. a couple of years ago showed me how unmerciful people can be in the Right to Life groups who keep people alive who are brain dead. I am an ICU RN. who was just stunned at the stupidity of it all. I think you are wrong to accuse people who you hardly know of hurtful things for political gain.

    • Thank you for reading and taking enough interest in the debate to write a comment.

      We hope that you are keeping up-to-date on the issues and that you have gone to our website to review our reasons for not having a rape or incest exception. And, again, please research the Terry Schiavo case, and you will understand that Terry was not braindead or in danger of dying. Her husband, at the time, had her euthanized by removing hydration from her.

      GRTL PAC is sometimes called radical and ugly by others who do not agree with their principles. There is nothing uglier and more radical than abortion, though, and there is nothing loveable about a person who is dying from thirst.

      For more information on these and all the prolife issues, please see

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