GRTL State Oratory Contest Winner Heather Benefield Advances to Nationals

Georgia Right to Life is pleased to annouce the results of the 2010 State Oratory Contest which was held on May 1, 2010, Heather Benefield, 1st place representing the Atlanta chapter and Leila Bowman, 2nd place representing the Cherokee County Chapter.

Heather Benefield lives in Senoia, GA with her adoptive parents and four brothers.  She is a homeschooled high school

Pictured Left to Right -Heather Benefield, 1st place winner, Hannah Carter, Director of Education, and Leila Bowman, 2nd Place Winner

 junior and is a member of St. Francis De Sales Catholic Church in Mableton, GA.  Her speech was in defense of the unborn.  She, her mother and 2 adopted brothers are all survivors of abortion.  Heather will now compete at the NRTL Oratory Contest on June 26th, 2010.

Heather is no beginner in placing in oratory tournaments. She has been a forensics participant in the NCFCA- National Christian Forensic Communications Association- for two years.  In 2009 she advanced to regionals in Team Policy Debate and Persuasive Speaking, placed 4th in the region and advanced to the National competition, held in Greenville, SC at Bob Jones University where she finished 12th in the Nation. Heather has recently returned from Jacksonville, FL where she competed in the NCFCA 2010 Region VIII Invitational tournament where she finished 7th in Original Oratory and qualified to the National tournament to be held in June at Regent University in Virginia Beach,VA. She also participated  in the American Legion 2010 Oratorical Contest where she advanced to the District level and received a scholarship to Girls State 2010  held in June at Georgia Southern University.

Adopted at age 12, Heather spent much of her early years in the foster care system.  She strives to use her gifts and her story to inspire hope in other children waiting for families and spread the message of LIFE in a manner that glorifies God above all else.
Please take a moment and read Heather’s inspiring speech entitled, Taking a Pro-Life Stand (TAPS).

“Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves”

– Proverbs 31:8 (The Holy Bible)

“Day is done…Gone the sun…”

“….18, 19, 20”

*Every 20 seconds a child dies*(


“From the lake, from the hill, from the sky…”


     Yes every 20 seconds a child dies.  Abortion is one of the most common surgical procedures in the world today, but the average person knows almost nothing of its gruesome reality.  Year after year, it lurks in the shadows, quietly destroying almost 4,000 innocent human beings a day in the U.S. and 130,000 a day worldwide. (

 High schools and universities go to great lengths to graphically expose the dangers of drugs, smoking, and drunk driving, but for some reason take a pass when it comes to abortion or even a discussion on the beginning of human life.

 Dr. Watson A. Bowes from the University of Colorado clearly states, “The beginning of a single human life is, from a biological point of view, a simple and straight forward matter… the beginning is CONCEPTION.”  (  So, why do so many Americans  think it’s in our power to decide when life ends? Well because our government told us so! Roe vs. Wade in 1973 was the most significant case in the history of abortion in America. ( It ruled that abortions were legal if there was a convincing reason as to why a mother should have one.   Individual states may pass laws to safeguard the “health” of the mother. However, the courts define “health” as physical, emotional, and psychological health. Therefore, any reason is valid for an abortion. (      

 Most women who are considering abortion hear the terms  fetus and fetal demise, and truly don’t realize the meaning behind them. These words are used to intentionally disconnect the mother from her baby’s life and the murder that’s about to be committed with her consent.  Someone needs to tell that mother that the word fetus is actually a Latin word that literally translates into “little one.”  (  Fetal demise.. death… of the little one.”

 A 12-week old unborn baby is only about 2 inches long, yet every organ of its body and every attribute of its human development is already in place.  The arms and legs, the intricately formed nose and ears, tiny finger and toes are clearly visible with today’s ultrasound technology. 

      How can people say that this is not murder? Would it honestly be any different if we used a gun? Don’t you find it ironic that  the most dangerous place to be is inside the womb? Ever wonder what happened to that appendix you had removed or those gallstones from last year? Just what is in those red trash cans that say Bio-Hazard Waste on them when you go to the doctor’s office or the hospital anyway? Most people are unaware that the tumors, cysts, bloody gauge, gloves and rags, are all wrapped in plastic, boxed up and tightly taped shut, where they are shipped to an incinerator… along with countless babies from abortion clinics all across the country.  Boxes of babies are casually thrown off of a truck into a pile to be burned.

 Are aborted babies really bio-hazardous waste? Just tissue? Like a tumor? If human life is equated with tumors and cysts, why do women hide the fact that they have had an abortion or are even considering one? Why do pro-choice people label abortion as the most gut-wrenching, emotional and difficult decision that a woman ever has to make?  Why do they call it a choice? 

 One-third of all human babies are aborted in this nation alone, which is over one million every year.  (’re not talking about a few hundred or even a few thousand.  We’re talking about millions of people that are missing from our world today.  What if one of those missing were the next Mozart or Einstein?  What if one of those missing was the biochemist or researcher destined to discover the cure for Cancer or AIDS?    What if one of those missing was me?   

As a matter of fact,  4 out of 5 members of my immediate family can say that they are abortion survivors.  My two youngest siblings and I, are all adopted. One of my brothers , Dylan. who is now 8, was promised to my parents after his abortion date had already been set. My youngest brother Seth, was taken into foster care at birth.  He survived only because $475.00 to pay for an abortion  is a lot of money to come up with when your birth mother is addicted to drugs. I should know… that’s what I was told by the drug addicted prostitute that I was born to.  She told me repeatedly that I was a mistake and should have been aborted-

 But God had other plans for me, my two little brothers and the woman who adopted me when I was 12 years old.    That woman who I now know as my “real” mom was born in 1968 despite an attempt by her mother to abort illegally.

 Our Lord has a plan for every life. Why would anyone think that its okay to take that incredible gift away? The Bible is replete and precise in it’s teaching.  The  human life – from the beginning to its natural end – is sacred, and only God determines the length of those days.  “Thou shalt not kill” (Exodus 20:13) (The Holy Bible) That applies equally to the unborn baby as it does to the developing child, the mature adult, and the senior citizen. Genesis 1:26-27 says that “being made in the image of God gives life its sacredness.” (The Holy Bible)

 I know that abortion is a difficult topic to discuss but it’s so very important…much more important than any speech competition.  Forget about the scores and ranking for a moment and really listen.  I am asking you, pleading with you, to decide and know that regardless of the circumstance – even in the case of rape or incest that abortion is murder. It’s wrong, no matter what you say bottom line is that its just wrong. (  Whether you look at the beginning of human life from a medical stand point or a biblical stand point, its one in the same- the beginning of life is the moment of conception .

It doesn’t matter whether you are a Christian, Buddhist, Muslim, Agnostic, or Atheist. It doesn’t matter what you believe, who you pray to or even if you pray.   No one can deny the basic human morality, we ALL know right from wrong.

“All is well…safely rest… God is nigh.”




Take A  Pro-life Stand

During the time that I have been giving my speech 22 children have been murdered.


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One response to “GRTL State Oratory Contest Winner Heather Benefield Advances to Nationals

  1. Marione Rasnick

    This was an excellent speech and from a 17 yr. old! May she win the National contest regarding Right to Life! She knows where as she speaks! What a speech!

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