Pres. of NARAL “Concerned”: Research Shows Pro-Life Youth More Passionate

Washington, DC ( — A prominent pro-abortion group is concerned about the future of legal abortions and, surprisingly, released the results of an internal poll it conducted to Newsweek demonstrating the problems. The bad news for NARAL is that its own survey found young Americans more passionate about pro-life views than abortion.

The NARAL survey, conducted earlier this year, examined the views of young Americans and found a stark “intensity gap” on abortion.

Some 51 percent of the under 30 voters who are pro-life call opposing abortion a “very important” voting issue compared with just 26 percent of abortion backers.

The poll found a pro-life gap, too, with older voters but it was smaller 

For NARAL president Nancy Keenan, that is a huge problem.

Keenan talked about the emerging pro-life generation with Newsweek and said her concern is that abortion advocates are dominated by women over the age of 50 and that younger generations aren’t filling the ranks of pro-abortion groups the same way young pro-life advocates are getting involved in the pro-life community.

This article originally appeared in  To read the Newsweek article where Keenan was interviewed, click here.


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One response to “Pres. of NARAL “Concerned”: Research Shows Pro-Life Youth More Passionate

  1. raymondschaefer

    It is encouraging that many young people are passionate about defending the lives of unborn children. I think that Roe vs. Wade will be overturned, and I give the reasons in my Whose Choice? website. But once that happens, the real battle will simply shift from the Supreme Court to the national and state legislatures where the people can express their political will through their votes for their representatives and senators.

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