Pro-Life Campus Training Impacts Students: One Girl’s Story

In March, Georgia Right to Life partnered with Justice for All to offer three trainings and two outreach opportunities at Georgia Tech and at Kennesaw State. While many people often wonder whether what they are doing makes an impact, many of the students, even the high school students were impacted by their ability to dialogue with their peers. At Georgia Right to Life, we are determined not just to give the next generation life, but to train them with the skills they need once they are here to defend life. Below is an account of one young woman who shared her story with us.

“Let no corrupt word proceed out of your mouth, but what is good for necessary edification, that it may impart grace to the hearers.” -Ephesians 4:29

All that we speak must be acceptable to God. Whether with friends being silly or talking with others seriously, we have to be careful what we say. It may not be what we say to someone that stays with them, but how we say it. When speaking with someone on such an important topic as abortion, we must think about what we are going to say and how we say it.

We cannot just start yelling at someone telling them they are wrong for thinking abortion is right or ok. The Bible says that a soft answer turns away wrath. At the last day we will be held accountable for every word that comes out of our mouths. These are some of the things that I thought and prayed about before most of the conversations I had. The most helpful technique I learned was to trot out the toddler. I would have never been able to do that if I had not gone through the 5 hours of training. When I first heard of the training I thought it was going to be a long slightly boring seminar.

Once the training started and we were all talking and role playing I really was enjoying it. Breaking into the smaller groups was helpful also; it gave more one on one time. The mentors were amazing helping us through some of the more difficult scenarios. I really enjoyed the training more than I thought I would. The training was very overwhelming, but enough stayed with me to where I felt confident enough to answer questions and have a decent conversation with someone. Being on campus made me extremely nervous. I was put with a mentor for three conversations. After that I listened to a few more then was sent out.

My first thought was “Therefore, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God,” -1 Corinthians 10:31. I am not here to please men but to please God. I prayed through my partner’s first conversation, because I knew I would be next. As we walked up to this young lady I prayed, “Lord please give me the right words to say”.

Job 6:25 says “How forceful are right words! But what does your arguing prove?” I had to calmly talk to her, that was it. As we approached her, I could not find my voice. I was never this nervous in my life. I quickly prayed for courage. I then asked her if she wouldn’t mind taking a survey. My voice went right along with my shaking hands. I was so happy when she said that she was pro-life. We talked for awhile longer then said good-bye. As we were walking away she pulled me aside and thanked me for talking with her. She also told me to introduce myself, and she said don’t worry about what others think. She told me that I knew what I was talking about and not to worry. It was very encouraging.

After a few conversations I conquered my nervous fear. Then I didn’t want to stop talking to people. Until I talked to one guy, he said his mom is a doctor in India and performs abortions. “AHHHH, run away” was the first thing that popped in my head. As we talked and as we asked him questions, I realized something. Before every answer he gave us he said “My mom thinks…” or “My mom believes…” or “My mom says…”

I realized this man is not answering anything for himself. Not everyone was willing to talk though. One man signed the poll table with the question “Should abortion remain legal?” He said yes, as went to leave I said “Excuse me sir, may I ask you a question?” He replied with a slightly raised voice “No, I don’t need to talk to you”. Others don’t care and just walk by as if nothing is there. Like Psalm 115:5 says they have eyes but do not see. These people are blinded to the truth.

All in all it was a wonderful experience. The JFA staff was fantastic. If at any time I got stuck in a conversation I could call someone over to help. Everyone was cheerful and enthusiastic. If I had any questions they would lovingly explain it to me. The only thing that I own that is worth keeping, the only thing that makes me rich, and I got to share it with others! My faith in Jesus Christ is the greatest thing I have! I love being able to share that with others. My last thought as leaving, was just the beginning. My last thought was “I want to be like them”!

There were three things I learned through all of this:

1) Learn- I had to learn how to speak to these people, without debating.

2) Share- Share what I had learned.

3) Pray- Pray that the seeds that were planted would grow, and be fruitful!

If you are interested in learning more about the campus outreach program that Georgia Right to Life is starting, please call us at 770-339-6880.



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4 responses to “Pro-Life Campus Training Impacts Students: One Girl’s Story

  1. everyeachlife

    What a great post. Listening is so important. Just as every life is precious, every heart and mind is unique.

  2. Nick O'Connor

    I have paid the dues so please include me in your e-mails.

  3. Elizabeth

    This is such a wonderful picture of a young woman’s willingness to step out in faith to share the unpopular truth about abortion AND God supplying everything she needed to do it, by His grace.

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