Prayer Points for Day of Fasting and Prayer for HB 1155

Hi Friends,

Today we are fasting for HB 1155 and praying that God would intervene in passage of this bill. Please see the prayer points below and join us in praying today and over the next couple of weeks for this bill.

1.) HB1155 passed out of subcommittee and is now before the full committee. Praise God the hearings were held within 24 hours of each other as we prayed would happen, but they were not completed. The General Assembly adjourned for two weeks and will reconvene on 3/8. Please pray for the bill to come out of full committee and pass on the floor.

2.) Pray for every member of the Black Caucus that God would awaken them to stand for righteousness and justice. Especially Toney Collins and Randall Mangum. (Click on this link for list of members )

3.) Pray for every member of the Judicial Non-Civil committee for God to awaken their eyes to this issue and to give them a burden for the unborn children of this state. ( Click Here for list of Members )

4.) Pray for wisdom on the wording of the bill.

5.) Pray for protection for Catherine Davis, the lead spokeswoman on this campaign, Ryan Bomberger, creator of the billboard campaign, and all Georgia Right to Life Staff.

6.) Pray for strength and wisdom for Rep. Barry Loudermilk,  Rep. Ed Setzler, Rep. Melvin Everson, Rep. Earnest Smith, Rep. Toney Collins, and Rep. Willie Talton. (the sponsors and cosponsors of the bill)

To see the proclamation, for the day of prayer and fasting go to this link,

Lastly, after you pray, please call the representatives in Georgia and urge them to vote yes on HB 1155. (click on this link for list of members to call or email

Thank you for standing with us in the fight,  

Hannah Carter

Director of Education and Public Relations

Georgia Right to Life


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