TFL: It’s A Family Affair!

by Melanie Crozier, GRTL Board Member

Why is attending Together for Life (TFL) important to me?  I get asked this every year as the annual memorial service for the unborn gets closer.  It is an easy answer for me.  It is important to attend because it is a tangible way to take a stand for what I believe to be the most important issue to affect my generation.  Usually after asking me why I attend the next question always seems to be, “Is it appropriate for children?”  What a great question and one I have very strong feelings about.

Melanie and Children at TFL

As a child growing up in metro-Atlanta, my parents regularly took me to TFL.  This tradition helped to solidify my pro-life beliefs and move me from a mere observer of the pro-life movement to being an active participant in the movement.  I remember as a child walking through the streets of downtown Atlanta as hundreds of anti-life protesters yelled and shouted to us.  We never responded to them, and now, years later, there aren’t any protestors left during our silent memorial walk.  That is progress.  I have seen the progress in Georgia and I believe it is because of the faithful participation of individuals like my parents, who regularly attended and still attend TFL.

Now I am a parent myself and TFL has taken on a greater significance to me.  I take my school age children out of class for the day and bundle up my younger children so we can all attend TFL.  I cannot think of a more “appropriate” way to teach my children how to take a stand, be politically involved, and be a peaceful, respectful activist.  I decided when my oldest child was a baby that I would take them every year, despite the weather.  A few years ago I carried one child while pushing a stroller the entire way in the pouring down, freezing rain.  This wasn’t fun, but it was a great way to teach my children that when you believe in something, you should be willing to do whatever it takes to take a stand.  All noble causes succeed because committed people make sacrifices and are committed to that cause 100%. That is what I want to teach my children, and TFL is one tool I choose to do that.

If you are considering attending TFL this year, let me encourage you to not let anything stand in the way.  Make the necessary sacrifices to attend and to bring your children or grandchildren with you.  What will your answer be if your children or grandchildren ask you, “What did you do to stop the holocaust of the unborn?”

You have the opportunity to make a difference.  What a legacy you will leave behind when you demonstrate how to take a stand for the noblest cause there is – the right to life.  What will you do?


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  1. Anna

    I listen to pro-life podcasts and having been wondering when and how to talk to my 6 year old about pro-life issues, so your article caught my eye. I think my daughter is old enough to understand what abortion is, but I don’t want to scare her or present her with something she is not emotionally ready to deal with. What do you recommend in this regard?

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