Tell Congress: Georgians Don’t Want to Fund Abortions

71% of Americans oppose tax payer funded abortions. On December 24th, the U.S. Senate voted for a healthcare bill that would require every American to pay for abortions.

The bill that was passed in the Senate removed the Stupak amendment which prohibited abortion funding in Healthcare.

Currently Congress is in recess, but when they return, the bill will go to a conference committee for a vote.  

According to, 

The big fight will take place mostly within Democratic ranks as three groups may fight with one another — pro-life Democrats who want to see the Stupak amendment from the House bill remain, Senate abortion advocates who like the pro-abortion “compromise” language in the Senate, and House abortion advocates who want the Stupak amendment removed but have already suggested killing the Senate bill because it is not pro-abortion enough to their liking.

 For the pro-life community, the House bill contains the right language to properly block taxpayer funding of abortions, but the Senate bill contains several problems — despite the guarantee of Nebraska Sen. Ben Nelson, who became the 60th vote for the bill. (Read More,Click Here)

Now is the time for us to be calling our pro-life congressmen and urging them to stand strong and vote with America, not against. (To contact any of your Georgia congressmen, visit here )

Action Items:

1. Contact Congressmen Barrow, Bishop, and Marshall and urge them to defend life in Georgia. Tell them what 71% of Americans have already said that you do not want to pay for abortions out of your pocket. Remind them that they represent you not Washington.

              To contact, Congressman John Barrow click here.

              To contact, Congressman Sanford Bishop click here.  

              To contact, Congressman Jim Marshall click here.

2. After you have contacted your Georgia Representatives urge the Congressmen who originally voted against abortion to not waiver and demand that the health bill not pass until an amendment that restricts tax payer funding of abortion is inserted.  (To see a list of  the Congressmen who voted for the Pro-Life Stupak amendment click here. Republican names are in Italics. Democrats names are in Times New Roman.)

3. Visit or to locate their contact info. Be persistent when contacting.

4.To stay updated about what is going on in Washington, follow GRTL on Twitter or Facebook.

5. Sign up for our e-newsletter by clicking here

6.  Check out FRC’s website for additional action items.

7.  Check out for the most recent pro-life perspective on articles.

8.   Pray, Pray, Pray  (For Prayer points, check out this article. )

Continue to check back at the Georgia Right to Life website or blog for more updates.


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