Please Pray for Congressmen Barrow, Marshall, and Bishop

If you look at the picture above, you will see an unborn child that looks as if she is praying.

Right now, we need to be joining this little girl and millions of other unborn children who need us to be interceding for them.

The current Healthcare bill would not only institutionalize slavery, but also require every American to pay for abortion funding out of their taxes.

We are asking you to take time to pray for God to intervene and stop this legislation which seeks to promote the destruction of human life.

While the Senate vote is set to take place tomorrow on Christmas Eve, we are asking you to pray that God would destroy the power of Satan at work in the Senate.

Hebrews 2:14-15 declares that Christ came to the earth to destroy the power of Satan at work in our lives. What better time to believe God to break the curse of abortion off of this nation, than now the time that we celebrate His birth.

Please pray also that God would intervene in the House and for Congressmen John Barrow, Jim Marshall, and Sanford Bishop to stand strong and defend life.

Last time they voted with Congressman Stupak to defend life. We want to pray that they will not compromise on the issue of abortion.

Pray that they will not sell out.

Pray that they will have the fear of God come upon them when they are voting that what they do will affect generations to come.

When you finish praying, believe God in faith that your prayers have been answered!


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