Mark Your Calendars: Together for Life 2010

Together For Life

37th Anniversary of the Legalization of Abortion

Memorial for the Unborn

Join GRTL, Ken Blackwell, and other pro-lifers from across the state as we unite with others who value life. Let us walk together, thousands of us, from the Capitol through the streets of Atlanta for one mile in silent, peaceful and reverent commemoration of the sanctity of life.

Ken Blackwell will be the featured guest speaker. He is a former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations Human Rights Commission and a senior fellow at the Family Research Council.

Abortion is not a wedge issue at all. It is a bridge issue between the parties,between religious and ethnic groups.”

Archbishop Wilton D. Gregory will also be speaking.

“We must go about our tasks (of protecting innocent life) with the same sense of serenity,

determination, gentility of spirit and commitment that marked Christ’s own life.”

We invite you to help us to memorialize the over 50 million babies that have been aborted since 1973 and join in prayer for the ending of abortion and the respect for all human life!


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