Woman Finds Help and Hope through Reach Commericals

hope picEditor’s Note: Through Georgia Right to Life’s REACH campaign, thousands of women in Georgia have responded to our ads which feature the Option-line number.

 The story below is the testimony many of you heard at this year’s 2009 REACH dinner.  Her name has been left out for privacy reasons. This testimony was read by Cindy O’Leary, director of the Hope Center in Woodstock, GA.

We invite you to read this story and see how your contributions to Georgia Right to Life truly are saving hearts and changing lives.

Jane Doe’s Story

         I came to the United States in October 2005 on a visa to work as a nanny for a family with three children. They had promised me I’d work part-time and that I would be able to continue my schooling; they even encouraged me to bring my school documents to insure I’d get the proper accreditation.

       After arriving in the U.S. I realized that the family had no plan to keep their promises. Not only was I a nanny but I also had to cook and clean a very large home. I was restricted, my passport was taken away, and I wasn’t paid for any of my services. I did not even know the address of the home I was living in. I felt very much alone and was exhausted, my comforter was my God.

      In February of 2007 I suspected that I was pregnant. The thought was very frightening and I didn’t know what to do. I was watching a program on television and I saw a commercial that said to if you think you are pregnant to call an 800 number.reach ad

                                                                                                                                                                        I called and spoke to a woman. I wasn’t able to tell her my address because I didn’t know it. She gave me the phone number to the Atlanta Care Center. I called and spoke to a counselor who was kind and compassionate. Although I wasn’t sure how to get to the center she gave me bus directions on how to arrive there.

     When I told the family I was living with about the pregnancy they wanted me to get an abortion or they would send me back to Kenya. The family let me leave their home; they thought I was getting information about abortion but instead I took the bus to Atlanta Care Center and met with a counselor.  Three days later I was out of that home and went into a shelter to receive help as a human traffic victim.

      I was emotionally distressed but I knew that I could not have an abortion. I would do whatever I needed to do to take care of my baby. I lived in a shelter for five months. I was assisted by Tapestry International. They moved me to housing through the Family Violence Center.

     That is how I came to First Baptist Church of Woodstock.  They helped me with food, finances, spiritual support and they connected me with The HOPE Center. Hope%20Center%20Logo

     I met with my mentor from The HOPE Center weekly until I had my baby. I had a Cesarean Section in October, 2007. My baby weighed a little over six pounds. It was the greatest feeling to see him after he was born. My mentor was a great support and counselor to me, she was also a good friend and I love her.  .

      In November, 2008 I passed my Board Exam to get my Registered Nursing license. Many were praying for me and I know that God heard those prayers. I passed my exam and I’m working as a nurse at a local hospital. I am no longer living at the housing supplied by the Family Violence Center.

      I want to thank everyone who supports Georgia Right to Life.  I thank God for allowing me to see that commercial on television that day. If I hadn’t seen that commercial I would not have known where to go for help.  

     Please support Georgia Right to Life, I am proof that your support is going to the right place, saving lives and helping women and children otherwise not able to do so for themselves.

I am positive that there are other women who have a similar testimony.  I encourage you to support Georgia Right to Life any way possible to save lives, shed light and give hope to those who are facing an unexpected pregnancy. Thank you.     


In 2008, 24,581 calls were made into the Option Line number. We thank you for your continued support. If you would like to find out how you can get more involved in the REACH campaign, call 770-339-6880.       


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