First Baby Saved: Updates from Atlanta 40 Days for Life Campaign





by Kateri Howard, Director of the Atlanta/Buford 40-Days for Life
GRTL E-News Volume 1, 6th Edition
October 2, 2009

When David Bereit, national director of the 40 Days for Life campaign that involves peaceful prayer and educational outreach outside neighborhood abortion clinics, told Atlanta area organizers to get excited about this fall’s campaign—the largest pro-life mobilization to date—they expected the unexpected.

Marking Atlanta’s third year of participation are nearly 400 Atlanta area pro-lifers who have pledged their support of the campaign, many of whom have committed to spending several hours a week acting as “prayer warriors” in front of two local abortion facilities: Abortion Services & Counseling at Governor’s Ridge in Marietta and Feminist Women’s Health Center on Cliff Valley Way in Atlanta.

Empowered by early reports of saved babies nationwide (at Day 9 of the campaign, totals are nearing 100!), as well as by clinic workers reportedly quitting their jobs, Atlanta area 40 Days For Life participants are praying for similar, positive results in our own neighborhoods.

Perhaps the most generous form of support the Atlanta campaign has received to date: an opportunity to project a pro-life message onto a billboard for three months in a highly visible location (I-985 in Buford) for free! The local 40 Days for Life campaign is partnering with Georgia Right to Life to raise funds for printing and installation costs. Talk about keeping our message in the forefront of people’s minds!

The Atlanta campaign is also thrilled to report our first saved baby. Within the first weekend of the campaign, the power of prayer became evident. Last Sunday morning, I received the e-mail below from a close friend, one who had participated in previous campaigns but could not devote her time to this fall’s efforts:

“I wanted to share what happened to me tonight,” wrote Julie. “The 40 Days for Life graces are already happening…and I didn’t even sign up. The Lord is helping us. Have a friend that needs prayer, a co-worker of mine. God put us together cleaning registers and dumping trash tonight. She is 18 years old and just found out that she is pregnant. Her boyfriend keeps telling her that it is only a blob. And that she wouldn’t have any help. Her sister is not able to be a good influence due to unrepented abortions and the ongoing use of drugs. I told her none of that matters, only the baby. And that it had legs and arms and it was not a blob. That she had to keep that baby. Then I told her the 40 Days for Life witnesses’ story of the 70-year-old woman who still cries over her abortion. Then I told her how one lady came out of the abortion center and she had told the prayer warriors, ‘I’m keeping my baby,’ and how I had cried, because I wanted to be the one to say that I was keeping my baby, 19 years ago. I wanted someone to stop me like I was stopping her.”

And you know what? Her colleague changed her mind. “And I asked her, ‘what did I say? What helped you?’ And she said, ‘Julie, you are crying. That is my confirmation. I am keeping my baby.’”

Some may think they can’t make an impact because they can’t make it out to the abortion center. As this proves, that is not the case. You just participate in 40 Days for Life when you can and where you are! God will use you! Through prayer alone, God saved this baby’s life. Through prayer, vigils, and outreach alike, we anticipate that we will save many more this fall.

One life at a time.

40 Days for Life Atlanta/Buford is currently partnering with GRTL to raise funds for a billboard. 40 Days for Life is less than $1,000 away from meeting their goal. If you would like to contribute, please visit this link . All contributions made to 40 Days for Life through Georgia Right to Life will receive a tax deduction.


Kateri Howard is the Buford-Atlanta 40 Days for Life Campaign Director  She has is a native Georgian and has been actively involved as a pro-life leader since her pastor called for volunteers six years ago.  She works full time selling school and homeschool curriculum.  In her free time, if she’s not doing pro-life work you will find her reading ancient philosophers, inventing new culinary delights, or enjoying the great outdoors with her family.  She believes that through the power of prayer, 40 Days for Life is changing history and bringing an end to abortion in America.


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8 responses to “First Baby Saved: Updates from Atlanta 40 Days for Life Campaign

  1. Liz 0liver

    I live in Atlanta. Please tell me where you meet and when. I have seen nothing about this in the press/radio/TV.

    In prayer for the babies,

    Liz Oliver

  2. Liz 0liver

    Dear Friends for Life,

    I live in Atlanta and have heard nothing about your presence here.

    Where/when do you meet?

    Liz Oliver

    • Liz,

      Would love to have you join us for prayerful vigil or otherwise help out the campaign. Visit the website to sign up for vigil. Call me! 770-547-8493.

      God bless you!

  3. How can I participate in the 40 days for life campaign? I have been outside abortion clinics in the past with OSA and on other occasions. I believe it is important to be on the front lines to try and save these babies lives and the souls of those participating in the murder of the unborn. If I can I would like to join you.

  4. I have started walking at Governor’s Ridge around my work schedule. I pray for these babies and their mothers, as well. I pray for the abortion laws to change, I was raped back in the 1980’s and conceived a child. My son was
    born healthy, and he was adopted. Now, my son will be 28 years of age, a lawyer, and a right to life man. His father was angry over the Vietnam war. I have prayed for him to come forth and repent, receive my Lord. I forgive him and continue to pray. My son is a gift, and I am thankful for him. Bless all who are working here to save more lives.

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